The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies

The Children in War journal is now becoming well known as a conduit through which up to date research on various aspects of War Child research is channelled. This journal contains contributions from both established researchers in the field and post-graduate students who are embarking on their research careers.

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Children: The Invisible Victims of War. An Interdisciplinary Study

Images of children living in war zones, being evacuated from them, or falling victim to armed conflict have been used to illustrate histories and media coverage for many years. What has been less evident is a consideration of children’s experience of such conflict as a serious subject of study in its own right rather than as an appendage to what are perceived as more weighty ‘adult’ perspectives.

In this book Dr Martin Parsons has brought together some of the world's leading experts in the field of War Child Studies and War Related Trauma in order to provide new insights into what war means to children. Many of the authors are war children themselves. The effect that their experiences have had on their own lives and their families effectively invalidates claims that, given time, children simply forget or are able to put the past behind them; rather, their stories add a major new dimension to our understanding of conflict.

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Research Centre for Evacuee and War Child Studies

In 1998 Dr. Parsons established an evacuee archive in the Bulmershe Library at The University of Reading. This has recently moved to bigger premises at the Museum of English Rural Life. This contains research notes and letters (c 1000) and other material associated with evacuation in the UK. However, it became apparent that there was no centre specifically for this area of research anywhere in the world and many of the groups named above are looking for somewhere to deposit their materials and create an international research base that would encompass all present and future cross-discipline research.

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